painters TUBES®
28 August 2022

The battle between representational and abstract painting had been something discussed between artists for decades. Indeed that conversation is still continued among many serious artists who question the real differences and why one may be inferior to the other. Painters TUBES view is that neither is better than the other, although many artists prefer to paint abstract today, but with a base line of the real. So maybe the actual two 'opposing' art processes are in fact already united as one far more sophisticated adjective to describe art of today is 'realityabstraction' This issue traces the line from Reality to Abstraction in the USA and how European artist provided the basis for Abstract Expressionism, Colour Field, Minimalism and other 'ism's' too many to list. “Ash Can to Soup Can.” is a handy parameter to work with. The soup can part of the article is only a beginning and ending headline. painters TUBES will create a feature dedicated to the Pop Art movement, the one that bloomed from the Surreal artists like Dali and Magritte. And what followed that movement in the late twentieth century.

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