Shahin de heart

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an artist who puts the heart into art

Shahin is a truly wonderful painter of rapturous paintings. Painters Tubes magazine have featured examples of the artists work over a 3 years, ever since I first spotted he paintings on LinkedIn. Tubes magazine published her work as an introduction to our readers in the UK where the artist was not to be seen in public. Her work however is well known in Germany, with work in Art Museums and in the USA where the artist has been involved in creative projects and exhibitions.

The artists natural application of utilising colour intelligence is exciting and enticing, it draws the viewer in as it fills the body with anticipation of what is to come. Her childhood memories form the basis of the principles of composition that are painted immediately and instinctively. Words are not really required, her work speak in volumes.

Shahin’s studio is based in Germany although her country of birth is in the ancient lands of the middle east. At the tender age of 11 (in 1959) the artist was acknowledged as one the best Persian Young Painter in Iran (by the Art institution of Tehran).

The depth of her work is both surprising and seductive. At the core of it is a sublime spiritual reference to what is behind the curtain of the material world.

This space created is one of clarity and introspection. The power of the artist’s work pulls out energetic vibratory links, a quality that brings forward the power of gravity from spirit into matter.

Hafez the Poetic inspiration

Many features of the artists work convey movement in a space. They are seemingly painted with a graceful ease which masks the artists supreme mastery of her chosen medium.

The title of all of these paintings is Hafez, which is the name of a Persian poet who “lauded the joys of love and wine but also targeted religious hypocrisy”. The poets collected works are regarded by many Iranians as

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