painters TUBES®
28 January 2024

POP ART - the dramatic change in Society and the art world began first in the UK and the USA from 1953 and run to 1987. Pauline Boty the the outstanding talented Artist who died of cancer at an early age, headed the UK group which is highlighted. In addition to Pauline Boty is Richard Hamilton, Peter Philips, Peter Blake and Allen Johns are also featured. It was the trio of the NYC painters Robert Raunchenberg, Jasper Johns and Cy Twombly and the great Swedish born Sculptor Claus Oldenberg. who led the USA Pop Art Movement. painters TUBES were invited to an exclusive visit and view the retrospective exhibition of Pauline Boty at the London, Dover Street Art Gallery - Gazelli Art House. This issue has exclusive photographs and article on Pop Art Histrory. Plus a Critical view of Social Media by resident Art Critic 'Spike'.

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