Hannah thomas

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Hannah took part in one of the several Virtual Reality Art Exhibition projects that I had curated as a replacement for an exhibition that was cancelled (due to Covid) in 2021. This artist was among over 800 artists who applied and it was a huge undertaking to sift through literally over a thousand works of Art. I chose Hannah’s art, but to be honest could not afford myself the time to look at it enough, but I knew it was good.

Later, as fortune would have it I often back-track over artists who have submitted work, so I was really very happy to re-discover her paintings, which I think are really amazing. It was an easy decision to include her in this issue. Now Hannah, since appearing in the painters TUBES gallery is now exhibiting globally and selling her work through a London based agent.

The depth of the abstracted forms and use of colour mislead the viewer into thinking these are purely instinctive works of Art. Don’t be fooled, Hannah knows what she is doing as far as visionary composition is concerned.

Her previous life as photographer, has without doubt, helped her to develop that ‘photograph’s’ eye for a composition, which is more like Photo-Art than simply clicking away to fill up the SD card and hope one will be a good snap. Hannah is an accomplished artist who has worked hard to establish herself, but she invests her time and money and a strong belief in herself - which is absolutely clear in these really super studio paintings.

“in the midst”

“The work on the surface is layered with the form being purely instinctive and immediate”


“the red tones hold this work together as a unified force that can only be described as an eruption..”


“in complete contrast to Eruption, the soft washy like layers convey that

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