Barbara hope steinberg

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the Paintings of Barbara Hope Steinberg

written by Denis Taylor

Barbara Steinberg in her Studio in London.

Art that’s more than meets the eye...

...It was my great pleasure to speak with Barbara Hope Steinberg in her London studio recently, She is indeed an artist of much acclaim. Today we are using relatively new technology that has enabled complex conversations face to face, without the need to physically travel. Zoom is great, but a personal face to face is always better. As a painter and a writer I need to speak with artists that Tubes feature and actually see their work, it’s to gain that special visual connection that really deepens understanding of the art. This interaction is incredibly important for me to critic anything of worth for both the reader of painters Tubes magazine and the artist themselves. You would be forgiven for thinking that talks between artists tend towards complexity; however that’s not quite right. Knowledge of what lies behind the creative process and the making of a painting, one that is worth being called a work of art, can be fully appreciated from the act of painting itself. For me, as a painter, chatting with Barbara was a sheer joy.

“What we see with our eyes is minimal and selective, in contradiction to what we feel with our emotions, which is vast and limitless.”

I first became aware of Barbara’s paintings when I was looking at various artists’ work online. My main task as the editor of TUBES was to identify artists that could best help demonstrate how the development of Abstraction has become what it is today, and to show superb and interesting art at the same time. After some exhaustive reading of a book, written in seven parts, about American painting, (from where the title of the article in this issue was gleaned) I found the connection of European/American art stronger than I had believed it to be. Several leading art writers and an editors of Time Life magazine, who had contributed to the book, have been invaluable to me. ‘Ash Can to Soup Can’ is a great descriptive heading that masks a huge story of the relationships and influences between artists in the USA and Europe. It was this overlooked part of Art History that painters TUBES wished to bring to the attention of contemporary artists and art collectors alike. Barbara Steinberg’s work and background was an ideal choice, and thankfully she was more than happy to talk about her life, her likes and dislikes in Art and give an insight into her own practice and process. Barbara was born in Philadelphia in the USA, a city

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