painters TUBES®
31 July 2022

iCons to iPhones... From Mona Lisa to Maralyn Monroe these are Icons of Art we all know today. painters Tubes looked further afield into the icon headline and other factors were brought into the discussion. The art of the Roman Egyptian era was one fruitful investigation. This research became the lead article for this issue. painters Tubes unearthed the famous Roman Egypitian paintings, those found in the desert. They relate to visual memory of ordinary people for posterity. By seeking out leading contemporary painters in the practise of icon paintings we invited todays specialists from Greece who have dedicated the vast majority of their life to understanding and writing about in detail of how an icon painting is created, especially painting an icon in the tradition of Roman Byzantium. And we take a look at contemporary painters who create wonderful portraiture that will, one day, may become regarded as 21st century iCons. This is a great 80 page issue that is not to be missed.

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