Special invited artist for this issue...sharron astbury-petit

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painting: “The Wall”

Sharron Astbury Petit

Sharron is an artist that is meticulous in her approach to her art. Her subjects range from the human form to nature and often involves symbolism. Time seems to play more than a physical part in her art bordering on the metaphysical and in a form of symbolism. Symbolism was a movement in art that arose in the late nineteenth century (French, Russian and Belgian poetry as the main inspiration). Although the original criteria behind the movement was a reaction against naturalism and realism, with Sharron’s work the symbolic works hand in glove with beautifully rendered painting, treating realism with her natural talent, which confounds that original analogy. Sharron began her artistic life as a graphic designer and illustrator in the UK. She founded her own company in during the 1980’s whilst still painting and exhibition in galleries.

Sharron divides her time between France and her studio in Leeds where she plays an active and executive role in the LFA (Leeds Fine Art). This is an association of artists originally founded in 1874. The association promotes and encourages artists throughout the region and holds an annual exhibition mounted at the Crossley Gallery, in the Dean Clough Complex in Halifax Yorkshire (UK). Sharron is currently exhibiting there as part of a showcase exhibition. And she will be also be showing at the Society of Women

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