The art & the artists

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the Art & the Artists

Peter Tillberg

A well known Artist in Sweden. Peter achieved fame with his painting of a school classroom “what will I be when I am older”. The artist created two stunning installations, both shown at Heart 2 Art. His work was often humorous, but sincere and deep, and his art shows that special ‘masterly’ touch. Sadly Peter is no longer with us, but his art lives on. Note: Peter passed away in 2016. Sad loss to Swedish Kultur.

Olev Subbi

This Estonian Master was hidden from the West during the Soviet era. However, within his own country and in Russia he was regarded as a master of the figurative and abstract movement in painting of the 1970’s and 1980’s. The painting shown here I viewed in his studio in the late winter of 1999, hence the title...

“ ...The passing century “

For me, it marks the end of one hundred years of Art’s story. And the beginning of a ‘new book’ on Art with a Heart.

Olev is no longer with us, he passed away in 2013, but his work lives on.

Astri Eidseth Rygh

Astri is a Norwegian Artist. The work shown is one of three pieces selected for Heart 2 Art. This work is entitled “Church Interior”. It shows the depth of understanding the artist has for contemporary painting which blends realism with abstraction. Astri is an international artist who has exhibited across Europe and the USA.

Greg Fallows

Surrealistic & ironic commentary are key to Greg’s work. This amazingly talented Danish painter creates the most stunning realistic paintings.

The skill and talent that lies behind them belies a painter that despite his personal struggles, produces an art full of hope. You must look at his work, and look again and ‘gain’ by looking once more.

Ingegerd Carlström

Art ‘found’ her later than many artists, at least that was true in back in 2002. She has such a natural gift that it is difficult not to become spiritually close to her paintings.

Her colour sense was well before its time with the rich tonal values she applies with consummate ease. Strong powerful strokes make up a texture appearance. Worth a visit to her studio in Jönköping which is located in Southern Sweden.

Gabriel Grun

A classicist, Gabriel creates art which has the essence of a time when art was universally regarded as Holy.

Gabriel was young when this work was created in Argentina. Since then he has been recognised both in South and North

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