“francis bacon once said, “if you can talk about it, why paint it?”

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TUBES was introduced to David Evans via another artist of the same name, but not related (Alan Clement Evans). The first series of work viewed was the amazing drawings (examples published in this issue) by the Editor. The artist posted a whole series of these works. The quality and the originality was truly astonishing. All of them are produced by hand and are created on a beautiful quality art paper. Visually, David's work process straddles fine art and illustration. His drawings flow in series, as do his oil paintings. Recently painters TUBES Editor (on a second visit) was delighted to see a whole new series of landscape paintings. These are not based on reality, but rely on the artists inner eye and his rather superb colour sense. It is not uncommon for artists to vary their style, however David easily flows from one medium to another with ease.

Here David provides a few words that sum up his lifetime of creating unique and quality Art.

"After school, I took a degree in Fine Art. I remember ´Terry Frost who was a visiting tutor who encouraged me. My landscapes also have figures and beasts that “animate" the landscape. Many artists come to understand that it is difficult to be creative with a pram in the hall and thats a truth... My Studio space declined as my family grew. Perhaps it would have suited an artist of smaller stature and greater talent. Toulouse-Lautrec springs to mind.”

It seems that teaching, family commitments and long evening painting sessions exhausted the artists motivation to market his work around galleries. In hindsight, he concedes he should striven too look closer into the local and national gallery scene. David is convinced that some children know from an early age the thing they are going to love. Like them, he is absorbed in the presence of the physical, visual world, this relationship and interpretation informs his work. He sees his role to evoke, imply or suggest vi

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