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Painters TUBES magazine visited the Nordic Art Agency Gallery (Malmö, Sweden) this summer to view the new artworks. The Galley, which in our opinion, is one of the best spaces in Sweden for contemporary paintings and sculpture, showed a new impressive piece from Marta Lafente (see the above detail of the work) and asked the Gallery Founder Juliet Rees Nilsson, to provide more details on this talented artist and her upcoming exhibitions.

Marta will be shown at the Gallery in an exhibition entitled Perpetual Motion -which is a joint solo show together with Jay Pingree (an artist which painters TUBES featured his unique art a few issues ago). The joint exhibition premiered on 26 August and it will run through to 15 October - A personal visit is very much recommended - Nordic Art Agency, Stora Nygatan, 56 (Hansa), Malmö. Sweden. www.

Artist Marta Lafuente is Catalonian but based in Barcelona. She is currently Professor of Fine and Drawing at the University of Barcelona and divides her time between teaching and in her studio. Lafuente is a well established artist in Spain, her work is featured in many private collection, she has won various prizes and awards and has exhibited internationally.

She is currently represented by the Nordic Art Agency in Scandinavia. Many of the images Lafuente featured families and children in various narratives surrounding swimming, playing in the sea or pool in cafes or at home and most recently on the ski slopes.

Lafuente paints her subjects in an impressionistic mixed media style. Her compositions feel honest and unembellished, capturing energy and emotion. Images are intimate where you feel the artist was very present. Her painting style very much derives from traditional methods but has evolved using a mixed media technique employing charcoal, acrylic, pencil, ink, oil, pastels basically any material. Occasional serigraphy is used for figurative elements or faces in her compositions.

Here Marta talks of her process...“I work from and with photography, which is the starting point of reference that displays my particular poetic vision. It is almost always about some moment in my

day to day, some memory ... it serves as a transformation, taking the image to its own space, trying to approach the mystery of painting.

In some cases, I use serigraphy, intervening on paper with classic drawing tools. It begins the important role which leads to experimentation on various printing supports such as fabrics,

cardboard, plastic, collages. I seek to confront the trivial mechanical reproductions

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