"banners of the coast"

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"Banners of the Coast"

paintings and words by Brian Rutenberg

above painting; Orchard 4 - 34 inches x 50 inches - 2017:

Painters TUBES magazine are delighted to be able to present to you Brian Rutenberg's essay on his process and his work, how it comes about and why. Painters TUBES® artist and writer Denis Taylor obtained permission from the artist directly to be able to re-publish his words and images in this issue of painters TUBES magazine.This essay was printed recently in the superb and comprehensive exhibition catalogue created by Lew Allen Gallery which supported the exhibition which was mounted in their Gallery from June 23 to July 2023. The exhibition title was “Banners of the Coast.”

Lew Allen has represented Brian for many years & is located at: 1613 Paseo de Peralta, Santa Fe, New Mexico USA, contact@lewallengalleries.com https://www.lewallengalleries.com

Art essay about the exhibition and his painting process written by the artist

I need some Leon Kosoff. Now there's a sentence that has never been uttered. Part of the charm of my teacher, Michael Tyzack of the college of Charleston, was that he personally knew many of the painters who interested me when I was poring through book about English landscape as a college freshman in 1984. Born in Sheffield in 1933, Michael studied at London's Slade School of Art under Victor Pasmore, Lucien Freud and Sir William Coldstream. He was a member of the 56 Group Wales, a coterie of painters dedicated to promoting modernist Welsh art and raised pints with some of Britain's most important artists from Francis Bacon to Stanley Spencer to David Hockney. However, one name that came up often was Leon Kosoff. Known along with Frank Auerbach, for creating images from gooey ropes of oil paint, Kosoff's subject matter ranged from portraits to landscapes. However, I was obsesses with his obsession for Christ Church, Spitalfields. Erected in 1723 to 1729, Christ Church is faced in cream white Portland Stone (Dorset) the Church is strategically situated between the City of London and the East End (of London). Kosoff spent his early years in Spitalfields and in 1985 began drawing and painting the church, a visual inquiry that lasted the rest of his life. I love when an artist returns again and again to one subject, a single motif, and extracts the maximum poetry from that self-imposed restriction (witness Monet's Rouen Cathedral of Minnie Evans' Airlie Gardens in Wilmington, NC) Artists are under constant pressure to grow and evolve, however there is great poetry in repetition, in doing the same thing over and over that's how you get good

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