Brian rutenberg

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intelligent, authentic and one of a kind... written by Denis Taylor Artist for painters TUBES magazine

" Brian Rutenberg is a painter that embraces Nature as his main catalyst for creating his wonderful paintings. A highly successful painter Brian has exhibited in the USA for many years in several venues throughout the USA.

Every now and then you meet someone who is so understandable and admirable that your description of their work, as a writer, is impossible. Fortunately, I am a painter and perhaps best positioned to talk about Brian’s work from an insiders viewpoint. Brian is a great painter and one look at his history and past work is all the reference you need to quantify that statement. But more than a painter, and it’s not often I would say that there is not a greater compliment than to recognise pure talent than say ‘great painter’ a label Brian more than many deserves. Brian is an Artist in the total sense of the word.

There have been painters of the past that have all reached a heady pinnacle, but to be honest, not that many. And Brian is not and cannot be compared to anyone else, but himself. That’s what makes this artist great, in fact that’s what makes any artist memorable. Today we have the intellectualized art, many populate our contemporary museums, but the real Art is in the feelings imbued within it – not the thinking behind it.

Many people fail to understand that great Artists tend not to think, but they are the catalyst for a creative universal force. They take part in the art and not get someone else to make it for them. That’s not Art, that is transferring an idea into an object, which generally is created for commercial reasons and has only monetary value and has very little use to humanity other than its ability to convert from one currency into another and then hidden in private collections.

When you watch Brian work on a painting. You can actually see the Creative force take control of him and his actions. It’s an amazing sight to witness how the paint is applied and smeared and scratched scrubbed for no apparent reason – until the work is finished and then you view the amazing result – If that description sounds familiar, especially to students of the history of Art, then you will recognise a certain J.M.W Turner and a description of how he painted from an eye witness of the his own time.

The frenzy of creation is not a Show or an Act – it’s something that a painter is unaware of at the time of creation. This ‘state-of-creation’ last a variable and undetermined time – it’s

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