Alan clement evans

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Alan Evans paints under the name Alan Clement Evans. He grew up in Scotland then lived in Bangor, Northern Ireland for 25 years and in Cheshire for 20 years. Now he splits his time between his summer studio at the Electric Picture House Artist’s Cooperative in Congleton, Cheshire and his winter studio in the Canary Island of Lanzarote. Alan is an artist who never approaches galleries for representation, he doesn’t offer his work for sale on the internet or any other market. When his work is shown, it is usually marked ’Not For Sale’

“I’m not driven to sell work - In fact I rarely think about it. An artist friend once pushed me to put a work forward to the Royal Ulster Academy Exhibition. It was accepted, hung and sold. Don’t get me wrong, I love galleries. Some major gallery owners, I like Oliver Gormley in Ireland who are also good friends. It’s just that I seldom see a gallery anywhere near where I live in the North West that is interested in abstract work. Maybe if I stumbled across one - but I’m not looking”.

Here is what Alan says about his Art ... “What really screws up a lot of art is the urge to wrap it up in meaning. I see people searching the surfaces of my paintings for meaning. In fact, they can put whatever meaning on it they like. The surface should be meaning enough as it is. Why try to understand art? If it helps the viewer to grasp an echo of some personal past emotion, then that's enough. When you look at flowers in a park on a beautiful sum

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