The landscapes of jill eisele

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Jill has been quoted as saying… “I like to paint as a bird sings” ...which is a very poetic way of saying that she flows with creativity and does not seek to contrive her art in any shape of form. Tubes have been admiring Jill’s work for quite some time and it is a delighted to be able to publish them in this special Tubes feature.

These rather beautiful paintings summarise the excellent quality of work which is being created in the landscape genré today. Eisele has spoken and written about how she feels about her art over a number of years, which Tubes feel is informative and precise. On the following pages are a number of statements made by Eisele that give meaning to her paintings and how she thinks about her creative work practise.

paintings above: Early Sun. 400mm x 400mm Oil on board

Jill Eisele, about her work, in her own words...

“ ...there are several threads to my working practice, which interweave, overlap and cross reference, practically, and ideologically, providing a strong foundation for landscape inspired oil paintings. Contrasts of stillness and movement, of scale, colour and texture are elements that I experience as I walk, which are replicated in my paintings. My eye is caught by the stillness of the horizon, or a tree…but everything else is in flux…this is what I seek to capture on canvas, a dance that is poetic, evocative and mysterious.”

painting above: Cloud across the Moor. 500mm 350mm Oil on board.
painting above: Carn Galva 600mm x 400mm oil on board
painting above: Bosigran Castle 500mm x 500mm oil on board

Jill Eisele, about her work, in her own words...

“...underpinning my art is drawing, the most immediate and direct connection with all things visual and tactile. For me, drawing is a way of taking in and storing a response to a passing image, detail, composition or idea. I always have a sketchbook or two with me. Some are small, filled with pen and ink fragments, notes and colours. Others are pre-altered, treating pages with gesso, tissue, wax etc., ready to connect with on-the-spo

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