The landscapes of diana cutrone

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This artist is a very fine portraitist, as demonstrated in the self portrait above. It is this keen and natural ‘observational’ patience and the skilful attention to non-overstated painting and the application of the paint that is also very clear in her paintings of landscape.

Diana paints with almost a classical miniaturists detailed eye to some extent. In the majority of her work we see her working in a smallish format, but big in the quality of the finish. However, when she moves upscale is when her ‘eye’ begins to show the depth of talent she really has.

painting above: “Distant Shoreline” 5 inches x 7 inches (125 mm x 175 mm) Oil and Cold Wax Medium

All Diana’s paintings are special, however the one paintings that was a stand out piece to Tubes was Quartet-Autumn.’ The authenticity of all the paintings viewed here are admirable with most of Diana’s work being super pictorial paintings, in a normal landscape format.

Diana’s work is quite clearly well liked by the viewers of it, and for those that collect her work it must be exciting to see each new piece that she considers brought to a conclusion and therfore ‘complete.’ It is sure that the work is both real and abstracted and her use of the popular medium of cold wax mixed with oil gives the work not only texture and an impasto finish, but also assists in achieving the expressive marks applied during and perhaps even after the oil paint has cured.

Here is what Diana has to say about her Art: “...Everyone has a story to tell. Everyone wants to tell it. And everyone loves a story told well; everyone wants to hear it. Everyone wants to know and be known. Artists are no different. They have just chosen to tell the story in a slightly different way. Art is, I th

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