The landscapes of judith donaghy

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photograph : Judith Donaghy in her studio

Judith is a painter that shows her experience and training as a textile designer. The blocks of colour (she mentions below) are the literal cornerstones of much of her work. The early work (2014) has the strong leaning towards geometric abstract and intense colour tones. The artist seems to strike a theme of composition and carries this through to various pieces of artwork until she feels she has taken it as far as she can. The colour lines are also varied. Her subject matter is very ‘definite’ and it seems her preferred viewpoint is from ‘distance’ rather than close-up.

Judith explains her process… “…painting is, for me, an instinctive process although direct observation is an important

element. Small sketches and colour notes made when out walking or visiting places of interest are usually the starting point for a painting which is later completed in the studio. I tend to paint

in blocks of colour using palette knives and brushes. Sometimes the painting may be quite formal with fairly precise lines, and at other times the oil paint application is of a more fluent,

impasto nature. Some paintings can also be more abstract than others, but blocks of colour and calligraphy feature in most of the work.”

paintings - opposite pages. top: ‘Gardens by the sea’. 20” x 24” inches (475mm x 600mm). Oil on canvas. bottom: Cable Bay, Anglesey. 16” x 12” inches (400mm 300mm) Oil on canvas. this page: top: Under the Hill 24” x 24” inches (600mm x 600mm) Oil on canvas.

the Landscapes of Gary Hiscott

The usual rule that commercial galleries and to some extent academics follow is that a painter should keep to a style (once having discovered it) because that is the artist ‘mature-hand’ and people will come to recognise that style, thus making the paintings exhibited easier to sell of the same style (to different collectors...maybe?)

Tubes have always believed that to be pure commercial reasoning. Any authentic artist should be able to create whatever he or she wishes, be it eclectic or not. That is the one privilege of being an artist. And that freedom was hard won by Artists of the past. As contemporary artists that personal freedom should be respected by painters of all kinds today, full or part time, abstractor, realists, or even post (post) modernist artists.

In this work, Gary has made a ninety degr

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