Andrew smith

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contemporary abstract artist

Photograph of Andrew Smith in his studio taken by: Graham Hembrough RCA.

As Editor of painters TUBES magazine it is always a privilege to meet, discuss and view the art of fellow painters. Over the last two years personal face to face meetings have been almost impossible. However, Zoom did help to bring me face to face with Andrew. His work was featured recently in our VR gallery, but this time I was able to view a larger new bank of work, including his drawings and his paintings. Andrew travels the world painting in different countries and this diversity is the basis of his work. Which in essence is created with absolute skill, a talent married to an artistic visual intelligence. Here is an extract of his thinking about his process...

“...Recent work over the past 18 months has been studio based and reflective of my international placements of the preceding 24 months. Taking as a point of reference the idea of non-place, my painting has evolved through a parallel questioning of objectivity with methodology exploring memory and experience. With diffused imagery there appears an interrogation of reality, a dense clustering of line, shape and colour; intersections, gestures and directions. Rhythm and repetition, spontaneity and design are indicative of current work, combining both the rational and emotional state of making.”

Here Andrew talks more on his methods “...My painting methodology of working on location is defined as creating ‘scapes’ (involving multiple facets of a subject) evolved through both exploratory studies and in the production of a definitive project portfolio for exhibition.

The over-arching aim is the continued deconstruction of existing method to forge a new image, one apparently not encountered before. On short or longer residency situations there is relational time to assimilate surroundings and context, hence the work necessarily shifts and evolves depending on the place; the method explores the physiognomy of location.”

(and here on drawings 2021)

“Return to Consciousness is the theme for this years’ painting referencing the changing state of being as we emerge from the lock-down times of 2020.

Whilst actual movement in terms of international travel was initially slow and the opening of galleries, museums and society in general only fully realised in May, there remained a sense of returning to a state of heightened awareness or at least, an optimistic anticipation of a revised state of being.”

continued... “Drawing remains integral to my process and in some ways because of the flexible and f

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