Alan clement evans

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Alan Clement Evans works from studios in Cheshire and Spain (Lanzarote]. He destroys much of his output and seldom exhibits his paintings outside of his studio. In fact the last public exhibition being some years ago at the Royal Ulster Academy.

His work is always signed Alan Clement Evans in memory of his grandfather Clement McLay. Alan is an experimenter, leaping from style to style with the confidence of one who, does not create paintings to live on, but lives to paint .

The artist often turns towards geometric abstraction with influences including American Richard Diebenkorn, Irish abstract artist Richard Gorman and the West Coast, hard-edge painter Frederick Hammersley, all are fellow travellers with Alan, who are seeking geometric balance and unusual colour harmonies.

“...The use of Acrylic, Orzola sand, charcoal and pastel on both canvas and panel have become my favourite combination. And a few have broken with the square format I have preferred in the past. I am now starting to paint a new series of tonal, abstracted plants and trees, often situated in Lanzarote streets and gardens. These new works will major on geometric shadow forms. A previous series with vibrant colours banded with cool white curves will be replaced by these sharp, dark, geometric shadow images using the grey and black are tonal colours of the Lanzarote urban landscape.”

Alan Clement Evans has been featured in painters TUBES magazine with his formal hard edged paintings in previous issues. The editor has visited both his studio in Cheshire, UK and in Lanzarote Spain. He states that the latest work is n

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