Rebecca crowell

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painting: “Letting Go” 36 inches x 36 inches (90cm x 90cm)

This artist was introduced to painters TUBES through Alan Clement Evans who has worked along her to discover the various techniques she uses with cold wax. As an American abstract artist she is known for the rich, complex surfaces she creates with oil paint and the cold wax medium. Her work is included in hundreds of art collections, private, public, and corporate, and she exhibits regularly in fine art galleries across the country. Rebecca travels extensively teaching and in artist residencies, both in the US and internationally.

These experiences have significant impact on her work. The coastal areas of County Mayo, Ireland have been a particularly important location for her; the artists returns annually to Ballinglen Arts Foundation to teach and paint. Rebecca lives and works in the dramatic, rugged landscape of northern New Mexico, another strong influence on her work.

The artist is widely recognised for her development of original techniques using cold wax medium, detailed in the comprehensive book, Cold Wax Medium: Techniques, Concepts & Conversations.

Here Rebecca describes her process and artistic ethical reasoning...

“ ...I paint in response to ancient and rugged places that I love, interpreting them intuitively, abstractly, through memory and emotion.

Making art is my way of processing meaningful experiences, a path to discoveries, and an attempt to connect soul-to-soul with those who appreciate my work. Impressions that capture for me the essence of a place and time—visual, emotional, or thoughtful–provide the basis of my visual vocabulary. While my work is highly personal and linked to my own experiences, I hope that it also expresses a more universal connection to experiences we share as humans.”

“...Strong...yet nuanced.”

My imagery often comes from my experiences in the wild, rugged landscapes of New Mexico where I live, and from

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