Introducing you to the "who are you?" artists portrait game

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introducing you to the "who are You?" artists portrait game

In this issue of painters TUBES magazine we are featuring self portraits by artists from the early 1600's to

the late 20th century. We invite you to discover if you can 'name' them. We have provided some clues, but the full list of names are listed after the "Who are You #30 which you can cross reference to check you answers.

It's not unusual for painters to make self portraits, in fact perhaps one of the most famous painters of all time Vincent Van Gogh painted 35 images of himself.

These were not done out of vanity, but from a need to perfect his painting skills and test the various new methodologies, and perhaps to find out who he really was. It was in Paris that he found Impressionism and the expressionism trends practised and perfected by Monet, Renoir, Cezanne, Pissaro, and especially the work of the incredible Paul Gauguin.

Humans make decisions based on first impressions, the face provides an instant evaluation if that someone is who you may like, feel attracted to, or you are unsure if you can trust and or not trust them. The face can tell you a story about the person. The skill of a painter is to 'see' below the surface. Painting portraits is still practised today, despite the iPhone selfies that we see in abundance on Social media.

In this issue there is also an excellent review of a modern art gallery in Italy, written by Heidi Askey, you can find this on the page following the "Who are You #30" page. After Heidi's review we have selected 'living' contemporary artists who have created self portraits also. Their names are under each of their self portraits with a note on who they are and how TUBES know them. We do hope enjoy this 'different' issue of painters TUBES magazine - If you would like more information about an artist or a painting please send your contact details by email to:

painters TUBES magazine - -

image shown above: "Looking down on a Mirror by: ©2002 magazine concept - "who are You?" created by Denis Taylor © 2023.

who are you? #1

This artist was born in 1699. His work was seen as frivolous and twee by his contemporaries. However his talent was far in advance of the paintings of the time. Notable works include: Soap Bubbles"

who are you? #2

Born in 1582 this Artist was a specialist in portraiture, but did create many non commissioned works of art. A notable painting was ent

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