Tracy watt

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‘Self portrait as Medusa’ 870mm x 1070mm. Acrylic on canvas

Bold and bright, almost raw paintings of women and men in all their glory (nudes) is a fabulous show of artistic freedom. Google Tracy Watt to view her full range of work.

With her art, I can only stand back and admire the sheer authentic talent of this artist who has been taking risks for some time.

Many artists can paint totally real images, but sometimes we do need a different view of humanity.

As an avid reader of art history and as an artist, I am aware of the directions that may have pushed or influenced Tracy into the current style or mode that she embraces I think of Egon Schiele for sure, with his twisted view of the human form, these were as surreal as some of Tracy’s work, but the artist takes this simplistic concept and pushes it to another level.

Other than perhaps Schiele (1890-1918), the young student of Gustav Klimt who became infamous for his sexual content in his paintings, no one else really springs to mind.

Tracy has created her own path and all her work stands out for their authenticity, originality and power. Those who seek original talented artists must surely admire this painter.

Denis Taylor. Artist & Writer

painting above: Fierce and beautiful.
670mm x 710mm acrylic on canvas

The Unique Faces of Tracy Watt.

When contemporary art writers try to put a painter into a box of - ism’s it is usually because they cannot allow themselves to think that the paintings they are viewing really are of exceptionally originality. Every painter is force fed, they say; with past masters theory.

I for one don’t really accept that as a fact, for all artists. It’s time we realised that in the today’s world there is more original art about then ever before in art history.

This is mainly due to the fact that there are more practising artists than there has ever been in history

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